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Panthers Draft Grade

What a draft. The most fun I have ever had. Who knew Jimmy Clausen would fall this far. Time will tell but I have confidence in this years draft class. Lets give out the grades.

RD 2 Jimmy Clausen QB A+

A top 10 QB drafted 48 overall. Good value ( last time I say that) rocket arm, with precision accurecy. Me and John Clayton thinks that he will start day one. Charlie Wies and Panthers Offensive coordinater Jeff Davindson run a very similar offfense. I don't doubt Clausen is very familare with the play book already Some say Clausen was a victom of a whisper campaign. Whatever the hell that means. I was praying the Panthers would call his name and they did. A side note I was reading cat scratch readers open thread, and the comments about the pick was 90% negative. I am curios what pick there they would be happy about? It made me sick. The media haven't talked about the Panthers this much since their Super Bowl appearance.

RD 3 Brandon LaFell WR A -
Good Pick. His youtube video of him checking a poor DB is awesome and has 150,000 views. The second best blocker in the draft with tons of upside.

RD 3 Armanti Edwards QB C +
Dont like giving up next years 2nd rd pick for him. The most electrifying college player I have ever seen. And can not wait to see how they use him. Essentialy he is a black Tebow but faster and a better arm, albiet against weaker opponents. Time will tell but definatley a reach. Before the draft I heard he may go between the 4-6 rds.

RD 4
Eric Norwood LB A
The most populate pick amongst Panther Fans I think. Projected to go in the 2nd round, his fall is a puzzle. Looks like he can start now hopefully taking over for Diggs.

RD 6 Greg Hardy DE D+
Would of liked a TE here, USC TE McCoy was available. He can play and hopefully he will be the Panthers 5th DE. I also liked Geathers here another DE.

RD 6 David Gettis WR B+
A burner !! As a senior in High school he broke the 400 meter sprint record in California. He under achieved his senior year at Baylor. Projected as a KR and maybe a 4th WR.

RD 6 Jordan Pugh DB D-
Again wanted a TE. How long will we have to see Jeff King slow ass run around? Know less than nothing about young Jordan.

RD 6 Tony Pike QB A
Him and Jimmy Clausen should have some interesting conversations. Tony's old coach is now coaching Jimmy's old team at Notre Dame. Once projected as a late 2nd round guy falls to the Panthers in the 6th round. Is this a signal of the confidence they have in Matt Moore?

Rd 7 RJ Stanford and Robert Mcclain DB F
5 DT drafted after these two scrubs. Could of used some help there.

Jason Treadway