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Tim Tebow a Panther?

The ideal of him wearing a Panthers uniform is gaining momentum. Don't be surprised to see Panthers drafting him with there 2nd round pick.

Tim Tebow probably the most decorated college football player in recent memory. 2 Heisman trophies and would have probably won a third if the Gators beat Alabama. 88 passing touchdowns and 57 touchdowns are incredible number for a QB in the SEC.

Tim Tebow the person is another story unfortunately. In July he said he was a virgin and was saving himself for marriage. In these intense and probing interviews with coaches, general managers and scouts I think out loud if this question comes up. Does it matter? I don't know but his strengths are his toughness, leadership, integrity and goodness. All qualities that are endearing, but would you follow a virgin into battle?

As for his game on the field former Falcons and Oilers coach JerryGlanville talks about his mechanics.
"In Pro football, you throw with your legs as much as anything, so I thinks that's his plus. Yesterday ( Tuesday), Tebow did not have a good day throwing day. But you better not judge him until the game is live and going."

From my point of view what Tebow is the best at is diving between the tackle and guard for 4 yards. And hiding the ball from the defense for enough time to give his legion of protection space to block and catch.

Where he ends up and how he is used is the biggest story of this years draft. What a gift in the second round he would be for any team. Anyone who drafts him the first round are of unsound mind and need an intervention.

But what do you think? If he falls to the Panthers should they draft him?

Tim Tebow was in Paris a few weeks ago with his hot lady friend. I am sure he picked her for her morals.