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Let The Mind Games Begin. Peppers and the Panthers square off.

Its the mindless war of the words again.

Almost nothing is known of Peppers agent Carl Carey. He has a P.h.d. He was a undergraduate at UNC, And he represents no one of note. They probably met at UNC and hit it off who knows. The million dollar question is, will he be back next year.

The consensus opinion is next year will be a uncapped year. So whats the big deal? Bring him back and build around the best DE in the NFL. The Big deal is the 20 million he will earn, an age that is scary, a inability to play every down, and an attitude that is nebulas at best.

I understand Panthers fans reluctance to embrace a move by management to just signing Peppers. But he is a difference maker and from North Carolina. A player that will fondly be remembered as the face of a franchise at its nexus. And with no cap who cares?

Some will argue that his salary last year handcuffed management from signing depth. That may be true but I argue without him Panthers lose their best defensive player. And he was directly responsible for at least 2 wins last year.

The good people of Charlotte need to stop caring so much about their Chianti and Muenster and be more supportive of the franchises best player ever. Just because he doesn't have cheesy gator aid commercials on the air, just because he talks differently than you, just because he is getting paid more than you, just because he has a hotter girlfriend than you is no reason to wish him good riddance.